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Welcome to SustainableTV.org


Upload your program about ecotourism or sustainability to STV and earn 50% of all ad revenues made during the airing of your program. We will also link to your sites and assist in your outreach/marketing efforts.


STV is looking to network with travelers and independent video producers producing content about ecotourism or sustainability.

The type of programming we are looking for is, but not limited to: ecotourism, sustainability (green energy, sustainable building/development, marine/aquatic, rainforest conservation, cultural conservation.)


Once STV is getting a respectable number of hits, we will be seeking out green advertisers and those interested in the type of programming we are offering. Every time a viewer clicks on your programming, you get 50%.


As an independent producer, I have found it hard earning a living producing meaningful content. I have uploaded content to a number of sites and never received a dime. That’s when I came up with the idea of sustainabletv.org. A site where people interested in ecotourism and sustainability can find meaningful programming and a site where producers get rewarded for their hard work.


Tell a story. Try to be engaging. One strong technique is to get personal. Pick one person that’s involved with what you are documenting and show how it has affected their life.

A great way to gather information is to interview people on camera. Let them tell the story. Keep a mental log of what they’re saying and shoot complimentary video that you can edit into the piece later. If you’ll be writing a script, interviews are huge. If you don’t want to write a script, consider interviewing multiple people to cover various topics.

Hold the camera steady. Use a tripod. Let the action tell the story. If possible, get video from multiple angles including a variety of wide shots, medium shots and close ups. Those extra angles will come in handy during the editing process. Get clean audio. Try to limit the amount of unnecessary talking when shooting. If you get a chance, take a walk alone and record some clean audio. It’s fun and it’s huge when it comes time to edit.

During the editing process, what you want to do is tell the story through a series of well edited sequences. As mentioned earlier, shooting the same subject from multiple angles helps accomplish this. Start with wide/establishing shots and methodically work towards the close ups. This gives the viewer perspective while driving home the point you are trying to make.

You don’t have to be accomplished and your piece doesn’t have to look high end. Just tell a story.


I started producing segments about ecotourism after my first trip to Costa Rica in the late 90’s. While on the Osa Peninsula, I began meeting a number of ecolodge owners who were serious about using their lodges to help save endangered forests. This wasn’t green washing. These guys were serious about conservation and contributing to sustainable, local economies.


One thing I’m always reminded of when I’m traveling is how little we need to be happy. There are many innovative people in the world doing innovating things on behalf of reducing our demand on resources. I want to use STV to help promote these folks while educating others about what they can do to lesson their demand on resources.


Finding the people interested in the programming we are offering is good for them and good for those supplying content.

Sustainabletv.org is about creating a spot on the web where independent producers can draw attention to their programs and their causes. A sort of you tube featuring programming dealing exclusively with the concepts of sustainability and ecotourism.

From ecotourism to home building, sustainabletv.org will provide credible information so consumers can make sound and sustainable choices.


Sustainabletv wants to help promote companies actively engaged in sustainable business practices.

If your company treats staff with respect and fairness while working to reduce resource demand, sustainabletv wants to assist in your outreach.

Advertisers on STV will be carefully chosen for their commitment to sustainable business practices.

Thank You and Welcome to STV