STV History

In 2007, we were in Costa Rica producing a 2-DVD set on Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry. We profiled 10 different ecolodges who we felt were running sound and respectable businesses. Those programs are now available on sustainabletv.org.

Our first stop was a place called Vista Del Valle. It’s only 30 minutes away from the airport and made sense to start there from a production standpoint. We instantly became friends with owners Michael and Joanna Bresnan.

Michael and Joanna have been in Costa Rica for many years and have many good ideas relating to ecotourism and sustainable, local economies.

Driving across Costa Rica one day, we were talking about all the great projects going on in Costa Rica and around the world. We talked about ecotourism and the protection of water sheds. We talked about partnering with the locals and involving them in sustainable tourism and community development projects. The conversation evolved to the point we were talking about how to get our ideas/programs seen by others. It was then we came up with sustainabletv.org

As sustainabletv.org grows, we hope for it to become a type of clearing house for sustainable information, programs and products. And, we hope sustainabletv.org becomes a place where innovative people with innovative ideas can join forces and develop a spirit of community based on sustainability.

By the people and for the people is something I heard often while working in community access television. It was powerful then and it’s powerful now. This is what we envision for sustainabletv.org – for other independent producers to get involved and submit material to stv in an effort to educate people on behalf of sustainability. If you are an independent producer of know somebody who may be interested. By all means, please contact us.